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Two annual music awards were originally established in 2019 by the family of Liam Colgan, a graduate of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).

In 2020 after we set up the Fund, we took over the responsibility for continuing the funding of these two annual awards, in Song Writing and Music Production, of £500 each for music students at the UHI: 


The UHI Liam Colgan
Music Student

Song Writing Award

Gives aspiring song writers the opportunity to study the art and craft of song writing with a master song writer of their choice.

Prize: £500 


Previous Recipients: 

2020: Aiesha Hunter

2019: Lora MacLeod

The UHI Liam Colgan
Music Student

Production Award

Provides opportunities to study the art and science of music production through tuition or studio time with a renowned producer of their choice.

Prize: £500  


Previous Recipients: 

2020: Jack Birnie

2019: Liam Cole

“…… music is important, even more so in these stressful times. Music is a unique form of communication between people, which can overcome language differences and reduce grown men to tears – I should know!  It is a rare intangible message which gives joy and happiness to both the artist or performer and the listener or audience. So, congratulations to you both and never underestimate the value of your music – even more importantly, never let others undervalue it.”

Extract from Presentation speech by Brian Colgan to the winners of the 2020 awards 

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