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"Hands-on" workshops on live music production - Sound, Lighting, Backline, Event Management

Working alongside industry professionals in a "real world" theatre  setting, with live bands..... minus the pressure of an audience! 

Organised by :

The Liam Colgan Music Fund

Sponsored by :

Watch the video of the first 'Setting the Stage' workshop in June 2023.

Here's what two of the trainees said about 'Setting the Stage'

“The event was genuinely amazing and taught me a lot on what to do it's truly opened my eyes into behind the scenes of setting a stage and I loved it.”

 Aiden Robinson

“The setting the stage workshop was brilliant! We were shown how to set up a venue for live concerts, and despite me picking ‘sound’ to focus on for the day, I also got an insight into lighting and backline as well as the load in process. The event staff were great, and were able to answer any questions with a high degree of knowledge.”

- David Bromham

'Setting the Stage' is returning Saturday 16th March! 

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